ASG-1 Advanced Glow Switch


Advanced Glow Switch

Our new version of the Intelligent Glow Driver is used to improve the low speed performance of 2-cycle and 4-cycle glow engines. At low throttle settings, the glow plug(s) can cool can cool and may cause the engine to quit or become very unreliable. Our advanced glow switch avoids this issue by functioning without any relationship or connection to the throttle setting.

The Advanced Glow Switch, also called a Glow Driver, has a miniature processor that senses when the glow plug has cooled to a point that can cause the engine to quit. At this point, power is applied to the glow plug to warm it up and keep the engine running properly. The battery power is shut off as soon as the glow plug warms up. As the glow plug cools down, the battery power is reapplied. This process is automatically repeated as necessary. As a result, the battery lasts much longer than other systems because the power is not always on.

Single unit ASG-1 and twin unit ASG-2 (shown left) are available. Units can be plugged together to be used with three, five, or even seven radial cynlinder engines. As you can see from the size of the quarter shown in the photo, the microprocessor is quite small. The universal connector at the top plugs into the receiver. Just below it is the ultra-bright, daylight viewing LED light(s) that shows when the power has been applied to the glow plug. The ASG-2 has two LED lights, one color for each cynlinder, which is independently controlled.

  • Automatically adjusts to any support battery voltage from 1.2V to 4.2V and receiver voltage up to 7.2V.
  • Suitable for all battery types including LiPo, LiFe, Lead-acid, and NiMH.
  • Needs no Y-lead connection.
  • Optionally full automatic or transmitter controlled.
  • Remote indicator LED's connected with mini-screw terminals.
  • Remote adjustment trimpot panel also connected with mini-screw terminals for easier trimpot adjustment.
  • Simple two-terminal plug connections (three-terminals for the twin version).
  • Start-up boost feature.
Each package includes one glow plug microprocessor unit with a universal connector and lead that is plugged into the receiver, remote LED light assembly, remote trimpot assembly, and instructions.

Single Unit Advanced Glow Switch
Single Unit - no wires or connectors $71.45   Quantity:
Single Unit with center lock plug connection
and best low resistance cables       $95.65   Quantity:

Twin Unit Advanced Glow Switch
Twin Unit - no wires or connectors $109.95   Quantity:
Twin Unit with center lock plug connection
and best low resistance cables     $142.95   Quantity:

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