Clear Coat Epoxy


Clear Coat Epoxy

System Three® Clear Coat Epoxy is very low viscosity (thin), almost colorless, has a long pot life, and cures without an amine blush (that spotty, whitish, waxy film appearing on the coating surface, which is often associated with many other epoxies). This epoxy is ideally suited for applying lightweight (1/2 to 3/4 ounce) fiberglass cloth to wood surfaces, such as balsa wood sheeting. The epoxy will provide a durable and lightweight surface providing a glass smooth base for color paint. The bonding resin must be thin so as to firmly attach the fiberglass cloth to the wood, yet keep the weight to a minimum.

Clear Coat can also be used as a laminating resin. Fuel proofing the inside front portion of a fuselage around the engine and gas tank area is another application of this resin. This product can have many other applications where a thin epoxy layer is desired. Being extremely thin, it will add very little weight to an aircraft model. Cure time is about 8 hours.

Clear Coat Epoxy
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