Glow Plug Connector
installed on OS70 4-cycle engine


Glow Plug Connector

Cent-r-Lok™ Glow Plug Connector miniature assembly can possibly be used with general glow plugs, but the snap-on attach fitting is especially designed for the OS and YS Glow Plugs. A small steel ball snaps into the groove at the top end of the glow plug and holds the connector securely to the glow plug. The unit is very small (7/16" long and about the diameter of the threaded end of the glow plug), which is perfect for cowled-in engines and especially useful when glow plugs are deep into the cynlinder fins of the engine.

Package includes connector for OS and YS glow plugs, black and red silicone rubber insulated ultra-flexibile 24A wire 19" long with connectors on one end, two ground lugs (one for the glow plug and a ground wire to attach to the engine), and instructions. The glow plug wire can swivel after unit is placed on the glow plug. The wire attach lug can be bent into any position as required.

Miniature Snap-on Glow Plug Connector
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