Tom Densmore's Beechcraft T-34
Painted with Nelson Hobby Paint


Frequently, Nelson Hobby appears in the news.   This page will be used to let you know where you can read more about our company.

Also, Nelson Hobby's owner, John Desilet, often writes for well-known publications such as magazines and trade papers.   We will reprint portions of these articles for your enjoyment.

Jerry Nelson's new airframe brochure is available!
Hummingbird, a self-launching sailplane, is a USA made premium short kit offering from Jerry Nelson R/C, Keller, Texas.   A 30% scale R/C sailplane of the Nelson Hummingbird built by Ted Nelson Co.   The Hummingbird was the first high performance self-launching sailplane.   Six were produced and sold.

Read more about the history of the full-scale Nelson Hummingbird designed and built in the 1950's, as well as its predecessors: the Dragonfly and the Bumblebee, two self-launching sailplanes produced by Ted Nelson.
Click here for the information brochure.
(The brochure is quite large. Please be patient while it loads in your browser.)

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