Sliding Bar Clamps

A Sliding Bar clamp allows the clamping of pieces that are unusually far apart such as the sides of a fuselage to a bulkhead. The bases on jaws have provisions for bench mounting, thus eliminating the square aluminum tubing bar. At the base of each clamp are two mounting holes. Spinning jaw on anvil can be reversed for round stock.

Reinforced Acetal clamping fixtures are positioned along a 3/8" (3/8 inch) square aluminum tube. Repositionable locking pins are provided for flexible clamp spacing. Flexible plastic ties are used to keep from loosing the locking pins. The clamp material is the same as used in our C Clamps.

Sliding Bar Clamps
6" long X 2 1/2" clamp width   $6.05   Quantity:  
  12" long X 9" clamp width     $7.15   Quantity:  
  16" long X 13" clamp width   $8.25   Quantity:  

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