T-88 Epoxy Glue
Mixed in Equal Parts


T-88 Epoxy

T-88 Epoxy glue has been used in the full-scale home built aircraft industry for many years. This product is well respected for its mechanical properties and ease of use with wood structures, such as joining birth plywood to spruce and other hardwoods. Other applications include joining plywood bulkheads and other woods to fiberglass fuselages, as well as firewalls and landing gear mounts.

It is non-brittle, thick, and gives excellent results under adverse weather conditions. For best results, use T-88 at 50 degrees or above. Amber in color when mixed, but virtually invisible when varnished, it is unaffected by water, oil, gasoline, and almost all practical chemicals. Pot life at 70 degrees is about 45 minutes. Working or "gel time" is about 2 hours. The application is fully cured in about 24 hours. When applied to vertical surfaces, it will not run easily. It is mixed in equal parts.

T-88 Epoxy
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